Data Analyst

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Engineering | Full-time


HackerEarth is an AI-powered developer assessment software that helps them to accurately measure a developer’s skills through online coding tests. It takes a skill-based approach to assessment, allowing companies to automatically generate standardized tests based on various skills and then accurately measure the developer’s performance on those skills. We proudly serve 500+ customers across the globe with many of the fortune 1000 names in the list like Walmart, Amazon, Barclays, GE, Siemens etc.

We have assessed more than 1M candidates, support 37 different programming languages, provide 8 different types of assessment techniques and enable assessments across 100+ different skills. HackerEarth also has a community version of the product that is used by developers all across the globe, to assess their coding skills, become better at it and measure their true potential. They do it by solving coding challenges across different topics/skills and by participating in online competitions/hackathons. We have a thriving community of 3M developers.

Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Implement and maintain database code in the form of stored procedures, scripts, queries, views, triggers, etc.
  • Perform various day-to-day activities such as ad hoc data exports, manipulation and analysis of large data sets, reports, bulk data updates, and investigation of data issues
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets

Must Have:

  • Understanding of database implementations in MySQL environment
  • Focus and initiative in learning and enhancing existing products and future enhancements
  • Experience with DBMS management and monitoring tools
  • Expertise with SQL in Postgres, SQL Server, or MySQL
  • Good understanding of database object-oriented design and implementation
  • Expertise in Python programming
  • At least 1+ years of experience as a Data Analyst.

Good to have:

  • Web Development experience such as HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax
  • Expertise with ORM technology like EF
  • Expertise with D3 or equivalent
  • Expertise with Django web framework
  • Strong knowledge of query optimization, creating schemas and SQL tuning
  • Knowledge of data visualization tools and techniques
  • Support database functions by designing and coding utilities

Knowledge and skills :

  • Ability to work independently and develop projects.
  • Strong experience in requirements gathering, analysis, good communication skills.

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